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The 5 best electronic locks to install in a hotel

For design and functionality, these electronic locks are among the best options.

The 5 best electronic locks to install in a hotel

The tourism sector is committed to the use of technology as it continues to develop and, as part of this adaptation, new trends in electronic hotel locks are highly important. Many of these establishments now consider the digital key as a safer and more convenient system than the old mechanical locks, and have replaced them with this more practical alternative.

In this article, we address a recurring question that manufacturers of these systems often ask us: Which is the best electronic lock? In fact, the answer is that ‘it depends’, as you have to study which is best suited to the needs of the hotel and its customers. If you want to find out more about this, we recommend this detailed article on the factors to take into account when choosing the most suitable hotel lock.

As a summary, there are 3 main ways to open these locks: RFID (the most widespread technology in the world, as represented by the classic card); Bluetooth using your mobile phone; and a numerical code, as is used, for example, with hotel safes. Many combine several opening options and use different software or apps for access management, depending on the model.

Having established this technical side, we can now look at some of the more striking current models from our electronic hotel locks catalogue:

  1. OS SLIM with a narrow profile: for design lovers

    All the features of the OS SLIM electronic lock are hidden within its narrow profile, which allows the mechanism to be perceived as discreet and elegant. Its straight lines can be integrated into any style of decoration, and this has made it a favourite of designers and architects. It is available in different styles, such as the Black Edition, the white, gold or one with a special antibacterial finish. Technologically speaking, you enter the room via Bluetooth on your mobile phone or with a MiFare card.

    Electronic hotel lock SLIM

  2. Fit-In, a wise choice for hotel renovations

    We often find ourselves worried that changing key locks for electronic ones can be a complicated and drawn-out process. However, this is not the case; the changeover is usually simple and fast. In fact, for most electronic lock models, you do not even have to change the door.

    One of the special models for renovating classic locks while maintaining the existing mortise is the Fit-In electronic lock that, as its name suggests, adapts to your current facilities; so you can use a MiFare proximity card, with the option of Bluetooth opening with an app.

    Electronic Hotel Lock FitIn

  3. EVO: pure innovation with unprecedented performance

    The EVO electronic hotel lock incorporates an innovative technology developed by Omnitec that puts it at the forefront of hotel innovation in this field. Its mechanism is activated with Bluetooth or with a MiFare card and, if the hotel has a Gateway, remote management is also possible.

    What catches your eye at first glance is its completely minimalist design, which can make you forget the door actually opens electronically. This is the preferred choice for hotels that want to maintain a very clean image or which want to upgrade technologically, but to do so inconspicuously. The door handle can be customised with a gold, copper, bronze, stainless steel or black finish.

    Electronic Hotel Lock EVO

  4. A classic with everything you need: GAUDI

    "Sober, robust and easy to install," this is how we describe our GAUDI lock model; a classic in our catalogue that can boast of being the electronic proximity lock with the best value for money on the market. In addition to its opening with a proximity device (e.g. a card, bracelet or key ring), there is also the option of adding Bluetooth opening via an app.

    Electronic Hotel Lock Gaudi

  5. OS SLIM CODE: an excellent option with a keypad

    What if we combine Bluetooth with a keypad? OS SLIM CODE is an excellent option, since the hotel can provide a Bluetooth electronic key and a numeric code, and allow users to access their room directly with a reservation, without having to go through reception. This model, therefore, is ideal for access control in hotels without a 24-hour reception.

    Electronic Hotel Lock with Keypad CODE SLIM

As you can see, the solutions for increasing the safety and convenience of your guests are numerous. If you want some in-depth help with the specific case of your own accommodation centre, and a recommendation of the best electronic lock options for you, our team will be happy to assist you. Please fill in this contact form.