Smart lockers

The importance of smart lockers as a logistics channel

This is the value that smart lockers bring to the logistics channel

The importance of smart lockers as a logistics channel

The rise of smart lockers in logistics is linked to the spectacular growth in demand for items over the Internet in recent years. Smart lockers can be used as a delivery and collection point using safe, flexible technology that is here now and will also be part of the future.

According to the European Ecommerce Report study of 2022, 75% of Internet users in Europe buy goods or contract services online. A good example of the success of these e-commerce platforms is Amazon, which experienced tremendous growth in sales and popularity during the pandemic and lockdown.

Parallel to the growth of electronic sales, smart lockers have been gaining importance as a logistics channel and an online order delivery and collection point for both individual users and companies.

Smart lockers have become popular as alternative package collection points for both homes and offices and logistics points. They have the advantage that the package recipient does not need to be present. The order is delivered to the locker and the buyer can come and pick it up any time after receiving a notification. Common in publicly accessible, high traffic environments, tobacconists, shops and supermarkets are some of the most common places where these smart lockers are installed.

Types of smart locker opening mechanisms

Both the delivery company and buyer are provided with a safe way to open and close these modern lockers, with different types of opening mechanisms:

1. Opening by numerical code

The lockers are opened by means of a numerical code known only to the person who receives the delivery and the sending company.

Lockerfy electronic locks are one of the examples of electronic locks in our lockers, office and commercial furniture catalogue. In fact, this particular model is an ideal solution for offices, leisure centres, hotels and shops. In addition to a numeric code, it can be opened by mobile phone (Bluetooth technology) and proximity card.

2. Opening by mobile phone

Current technology makes it possible to convert traditional lockers into smart ones, as is the case with the Click&Collect mechanisms, which consist of implementing product delivery and collection systems in blocks of lockers. In fact, at Omnitec we are specialists in security and access control and can offer a technical solution incorporated in the locker module manufacturing process to allow for flexible collection. An electronic system connects the lock and the locker occupancy sensor to a server, which completes the online communication from each of the lockers to the consumer.

The customer can manage their trusted e-commerce purchases from their own mobile phone and pick up the order during the locker opening times, which may be 24-hour as they are often outdoors.

3. Remote opening through the Gateway

One of the best features of Gateway for locker electronic lock mechanisms is that they allow for remote opening. Thus, the owner of a locker with these features can open it remotely from their own mobile for a user without access credentials.

Another of the common systems for opening lockers is the MiFare proximity card, which is often used in places like gyms, spas, hotels and sports centres. For the logistics sector, opening with codes or by Bluetooth is usually more useful, as they do not require a physical device to open them.

At Omnitec, we have a selection of locks for lockers. We install them both in new projects -such as logistics lockers- as well as in lockers that require a modern opening system. Contac our team for more information.