Safes with unlimited audit trail capability

How safes with unlimited audit trail capability improve hotel management

Find out how to improve hospitality management using this type of safe

How safes with unlimited audit trail capability improve hotel management

Did you know that security is one of the factors that most worries travellers? So it’s no surprise to see it’s one of the most important factors considered when choosing tourist accommodation. Neglecting security in your hotel business is synonymous with a lack of trust and thus fewer customers.

Hotels are centres of activity, with a large number of people passing through every day - and not just guests.

For this reason, technology has become an ally to improve hotel management. This is the case with Omnitec hotel safes, which can provide unlimited audit trails, increasing security for customers' peace of mind. This article tells you all about it.

What is unlimited auditing in a safe?

Unlimited audit trails in a safe provide a system to record and review an unlimited number of events in a safe; that is, every time it’s opened or closed during a particular period.

Thus, unlimited auditing of safes is fundamental for hotel security. Both the guest and hotel can access this detailed data monitoring and control record; making it easier to detect any unauthorised or suspicious uses while deterring theft.

Three benefits of unlimited auditing for hotel management

Here are 3 important benefits of opting for safes with unlimited auditing:

1. Improved security

As we have said, unlimited auditing increases security for your guests' peace of mind and confidence for hotel administrators. All safe operations are recorded, so any unauthorised access can be quickly and efficiently located.

2. Ease of maintenance

Maintenance is simple and efficient. These modern security systems provide early detection of technical problems in safes. Also, by having such detailed information on the use of the safe, preventive maintenance programmes can be planned; considerably reducing the level of faults.

3. Transparency and trust

Everything is recorded; making it possible to resolve any claim or dispute immediately. Likewise, by receiving all the information from the safe, customer trust is increased, which is very important. The greater the transparency, the greater the trust of customers and their loyalty towards your hotel business.

How unlimited auditing works

Omnitec's unlimited auditing safes use a mobile app. And that’s it. Nothing else! From the palm of your hand you have access to all the safe's records, with continuous, 100% detailed monitoring of all movements.

As well as the mobile app, below are some additional points of interest to make about the operation of unlimited audit trails in safes:

  • Event log: Every time the safe is opened or closed by users via different methods, such as Bluetooth, RFID or manual entry of the numerical code itself, it forms part of the event log. As the name suggests, this in an unlimited list of events that can be audited. All events can be saved and reviewed as many times as the customer wishes.
  • Remote system: Both access and management of the unlimited audit trail is remote, which is highly convenient for administrators, as they do not need to be physically present at the safe’s location itself.
  • Restricted access: Security is guaranteed in this type of system, with only authorised people being able to access the data. In addition, single-use emergency codes can be generated for the guest's added peace of mind.
  • Additional features: Unlimited audit trails in safes can be integrated with other hotel systems, providing greater versatility.

Integration with other hotel systems

The unlimited auditing system in safes can be integrated with other hotel management and maintenance functions. This is the case, in fact, with Property Management Systems (PMS) for hotels. The various activities related to the management of tourist accommodation are centralised in the same software.

Cutting-edge hotel management

Unlimited audit trails in safes is a big help for administrators; and security, one of the primary aspects of hotel management, improves considerably. This leads to a scenario of trust and transparency for the public and an incentive for them to return or recommend the accommodation to others.

Omnitec, your first choice hotel partner

Now that you know about unlimited audit trails in safes, have you considered introducing them in your hotel? At Omnitec, we provide all types of innovative solutions for the hospitality sector. We want your hotel to be a safe place for you and your guests.

So why wait? Enjoy the most cutting-edge technology and improve your hotel management. Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for your business.