Modernisation of facilities

6 ideas to update hotel equipment

Technology and respect for the environment are both integral factors involved in making changes into hotel sector

6 ideas to update hotel equipment

The tourism sector is constantly evolving. For years, it has been focusing on the importance of the traveller’s experience, and offering more than just good services and an attractive destination. Creating memorable moments for hotel guests has been one of the great endeavours of the entire sector, from small hotels and independent hostels who take in the same families every year to large hotel chains.

This continuous improvement in the hotel experience inevitably involves two factors that guests increasingly value when looking for accommodation: technology and respect for the environment. It is therefore highly important, when updating equipment in hotels and holiday homes, not to lose sight of these two matters, upon which subsidies for the improvement of hotel facilities are often focused.

In this post, we offer some ideas for modernising hotel accommodation, looking at typical features like keys, the minibar and a safe. Let’s start!

  1. Electronic locks that combine both technology and design

    These days, most large hotel chains have replaced their mechanical locks with digital keys. As well as the well-known card format, access to a room can also be via the guest's own mobile phone or by using a code, as if it were a safe. Manufacturers of electronic locks for hotels, such us Omnitec, continue innovating to meet the new needs of the tourism and hospitality sector.

    Electronic Lock for Hotel SLIM

    An example of this innovation is the narrow profile, OS-SLIM lock, one of the most popular models in the hotel sector for its design and high technological profile.

  2. Digital keys make your arrival easier

    Depending on the type of electronic lock, physical opening devices (like a MiFare card, a bracelet or a key ring) can still be used or you can opt for a digital key. Currently, the useof this type of digital key to open a hotel room door is booming, either by using Bluetooth technology with your mobile or by inputting a code given to you when you make your reservation. This is a great solution for hotels without a 24-hour reception and for holiday homes (thus avoiding the owner having to be on site to open the accommodation).

  3. Traveller registration at the click of a button

    In Spain, recording the details of hotel guests and sending them to the authorities is obligatory. For years, there have been applications on the market to speed up this traveller registration process, by scanning identity document information digitally so that guests do not have to fill in a form upon arrival.

  4. Saving energy for responsible energy consumption

    The future of hotels also has to be sustainable. As part of the modernisation of hotels, it is increasingly common to see energy saving devices and sensors to avoid using energy unnecessarily in the rooms.

    Mirafe Energy Saver

  5. Quiet, low-consumption minibars

    Having a minibar in your room never goes out of fashion, as it offers a highly valued service for guests. For the new minibar models, we are working on achieving completely silent devices that do not disturb the sleep of the room occupants and, of course, provide optimal energy efficiency.

  6. The new digital safe

    The development of hotel safes ever stops either. In addition to the classic numerical code, they can now also be opened using a digital key; that is, you can open it from your mobile, once you have the appropriate permissions. Models such as the EXO Bluetooth safe incorporate this technology, and are especially appreciated by business travellers or the more digitally savvy.

    Bluetooth Safe for Hotel EXO