Built-in safes

Built-in safes: what are they and what are their advantages?

Security that can't be seen: Built-in safes for valuables

Built-in safes: what are they and what are their advantages?

In the field of security, built-in safes are becoming an increasingly popular option due to their discretion and effectiveness in protecting your valuables.

Having a safe means hospitality sector customers can put aside their worries about any possible theft or loss of their belongings.

But do you know what exactly a built-in safe is? In this article, we explain their advantages and the Omnitec models that are most similar to this type of safe.

What are built-in safes?

Built-in safes are security systems designed to be installed in the structure of a wall, floor or piece of furniture, leaving only its door visible with its three remaining sides protected; and so it can be hidden from view.

Unlike a conventional safe, which takes up space in a room, built-in safes integrate invisibly into a room, providing discreet, effective protection for your most valuable belongings.

Advantages of built-in safes

As you can see, built-in models are very similar to hidden safes, which we described in a previous post. And, like these, built-in safes offer a series of advantages that make them stand out among the different security options available.

Among the most significant of these are:

  • They are synonymous with discretion: Being hidden in the structure of your home or office, built-in safes go unnoticed, making them difficult for intruders or thieves to find.
  • They save space: This type of safe model takes up no space in the room. This is especially useful, for example, in hotels with small rooms or apartments with limited space.
  • They provide convenient access: Being possible to locate in different places and at various heights, access to their contents is made easier.
  • They guarantee greater strength: Being built-in, this type of safe is much more difficult to crack or remove. Its high strength further increases its level of security.

The parts of a built-in safe

Every built-in safe consists of several parts guaranteeing its operation:

  • External casing: The body of the safe embedded into the wall, floor or piece of furniture.
  • Lock: The locking system securing the safe can be mechanical, with key opening, or electronic - our speciality.
  • Bolts: These steel bars act as a latch and are essential in the locking system of safes.
  • Door: This is the only visible side of a built-in safe, containing the lock and bolts.
  • Hinges and anchors: These are the fixing points securing the safe to the structure, which have to be inaccessible so as not to become a security threat.

What are the best alternatives for built-in safes?

When choosing a safe, convenience and ease of access are two crucial factors you should take into account, in addition to certifying the level of security according to current regulations.

If you are looking for a built-in safe, we at Omnitec can offer you two alternative models, both capable of adapting to different needs and much more effective than the classic ones with a standard side door:

1. Folder safe: This model is known for its drawer-type opening design, providing easy accessibility to its contents, especially when placed at a low height. As it is prepared to be screwed into both the base and the bottom, it can be easily anchored if built-in. In addition, its solid structure and secure locking system make it a great choice to protect your valuables and provide peace of mind.

2. Avant Safe. This is another option with a folding lid opening. It is ideal for installation in furniture or floors, since its design provides quick and easy access to its contents. As with the Folder safe, it is also easy to install and can be built-in at a low height.

Remember that at Omnitec Systems, we not only have safes, but also electronic locks, access and movement sensors and even minibars. For more than 25 years, we have been specialists in security solutions for companies in all types of sectors in more than 70 countries.

Get in touch with our team and we will ensure that the peace of mind that you and your customers seek becomes a reality.