Hidden safes

Hidden safes: learn about the different models and their advantages

Why is it better to use hidden safes in hotels?

Hidden safes: learn about the different models and their advantages

The increase in thefts from hotels and holiday homes in recent years has become worrying. Whatever their reason for staying in a hotel, the least that guests can expect is security; which, in an increasingly globalised world in full digital transformation, is becoming threatened.

If you are the owner of an accommodation centre, you will know the importance of having electronic locks, access control devices and movement sensors to guarantee the comfort of your guests.

Satisfied guests are synonymous with future reservations and new clientele, which is why ensuring their satisfaction is a priority.

When booking a stay, customers entrust the goods they bring with them to hotel security. Incorporating at least one small safe in each room is essential for guests to safely store the small valuables they need, as well as their cash.

Why are safes important?

Documentation, confidential work papers and electronic devices are highly valuable for your guests, even more so than money. When travelling away from home for work or leisure, keeping precious belongings safe, such as jewellery, cash and sentimental items, is essential for everyone.

For the following reasons, safes can provide the security that hotel and hospitality sector customers need:

  • They give the guest peace of mind. Comfort, tranquillity and security are all provided by having room safes available.
  • They improve the overall security of the hotel. As well as access controls, safes are another item in the whole concept of security to be taken into account when managing a hotel.
  • They provide a good user experience. A comfortable, satisfied guest is synonymous with good reviews, improved visibility and benefits for the business.

Hidden safes: models and advantages

The classic hotel safe, made of steel with a combination lock has long been obsolete. And, as with any other security device, investing in the latest models of safe ensures greater overall security in the hotel.

The most advanced technologies now provide safes with automatic locking when the room lock is opened with any device other than the guest's.

If you are looking to improve the custody of your clients' assets, we recommend you opt for hidden safes.

In the form of a book, picture or plug, camouflaged safes are in increasing demand, as guests can hide their most precious belongings in places a thief would never even consider.

At Omnitec Systems we have two hidden safe models: both ideal for strengthening security at your hotel:

Avant model

Hidden Safe Avant Model

With a lid-style opening at the top, the hotel safe Avant can be recessed into desk tops or concealed in a drawer. It is equipped with a pneumatic piston, both to open the lid by spring, once the customer has entered the opening code, and to keep it open to prevent accidental damage. This model uses a state-of-the-art system that offers high security features.

Folder Model

Hidden Safe Folder Model

The Folder model is designed to be embedded in desks, shelves or bedside tables, so that the guest is entirely at ease when handling it and accessing its interior. In addition, the strength of its sliding guides guarantees minimal maintenance costs for the hotel. The safe is available in two different electronic systems: EXO or SUPRA, both highly advanced technologies.

Our wide variety of hotel safes includes 5 technological levels, 3 opening formats and 7 sizes, as well as different accessories. Omnitec's objective is to respond to the current demands of the hospitality sector with the simplest installations but also those with the highest level of security.