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The Best 4 Hotel Minibars

Here are 4 of the best hotel minibars on the market

The Best 4 Hotel Minibars

What is the best option for your hotel room minibar? Minibars are one of the most common pieces of equipment in hotels, especially 4-star ones, where they may even be obligatory, depending on the country's legislation. Thus, the choice of the model for this small appliance must be carefully studied, as it represents a significant investment when multiplied across all the rooms.

Each hotel or holiday accommodation has specific needs, which is why we at Omnitec have prepared a list of the best minibars based on their most outstanding features; these are the most common to be taken into account when choosing this product:

Taking all these features into account, let’s analyse which are the best hotel minibars on the market!

1. Elite Minibar: the most efficient

Energy efficiency is one of the most sought after features in a minibar. Looking at gross energy consumption, the most efficient is the Elite Compressor Minibar, a state-of-the-art appliance for establishments whose main objective is minimum energy consumption, without sacrificing maximum performance or guest convenience.

Find out about the Elite Compressor Minibar here

Elite Compressor Hotel Minibar

  • Energy efficiency: A++ Standard 2020, C Standard 2021
  • Equipped with an ultra-silent compressor and sound insulation.
  • Technology: insulated, ultra-silent compressor.
  • Voltage: 220-240 V (110 V optional).
  • Power: 53-58 W.
  • Adaptable capacity: 35, 45 and 60 litres.

One of the most interesting attributes of this minibar model is the Real Time Clock (RTC), which lets you programme it to turn off automatically during the guest's rest hours and thus minimise energy consumption.

However, although compression technology allows us to offer models with a better efficiency ratio, there is a small snag associated with it: absolute silence is not possible. Nevertheless, a lot of work has been done to insulate and soundproof it, such that at a distance of one metre from the minibar it is silent.

2. Pure-T Minibar: the quietest

If what you are looking for is absolute silence for your guests, then we recommend this model, which is the evolution of our well-established Pure refrigerator, which is silent thanks to its absorption technology. However, what sets the Pure-T apart from the rest is its complete silence and the most energy efficient cooling technology: thermoabsorption. There is no compressor; and its operation is entirely noise-free.

Here are the Minibar Pure-T features in detail

Pure-T Hotel Minibar

  • Energy Efficiency E.
  • Silent.
  • Technology: Thermoabsorption.
  • Voltage: 220-240 V (110 V optional).
  • Power: 63 W.
  • Adaptable capacity: 30 and 40 litres.

This silent, elegant and functional minibar is the best-seller in the entire Omnitec range and the most valued by customers for its high energy efficiency and power; more than enough for what a hotel room needs.

3. Pure-T Minibar with Glass Door: The Most Elegant

Another of the most popular models is the Pure-T version with glass, which makes it the most elegant option for all types of rooms, and especially for those where image is paramount, such as hotel suites.

Pure-T Hotel Minibar with Cristal Door

This version is very attractive because it lets you enjoy all the above advantages (it is also completely silent), but with the plus of the glass door, which not only provides aesthetic value, but also adds profitability.

Most minibar items are chosen on a whim and when you can see the items through a glass door, this makes a big difference to those impulse choices.

Of course, it must be taken into account that the glass door is less insulating and cooling capacity is reduced; this affects its efficiency, so the energy efficiency is G and not E, as it is for a solid door.

4. ECO Compressor Minibar: the most powerful

Looking at cooling capacity and speed, the best minibar is undoubtedly the ECO model from our range of compressor minibars. It is the best choice for establishments where cooling power makes a difference to guest comfort, such as coastal hotels or those in warm climates.

Find out more about the ECO Compressor Minibar

Compressor Minibar for Hotel ECO

  • Energy Efficiency: A 2020 Standard, D 2021 Standard.
  • Technology: compressor.
  • Voltage: 220-240 V (110 V optional).
  • Power: 75 W/ 130 W.
  • Solid door, no glass, for greater insulation.
  • Adaptable capacity: 48, 70 and 95 litres.

This highly functional minibar keeps drinks cold and cools quickly with compression technology, ensuring high performance in any environment.

Do you need to update the minibars in your hotel or do you need minibars for a new hotel? We at Omnitec are an international benchmark for quality. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you choose the best minibar model based on the needs of your establishment.