Hotel management

Comprehensive solution for access control of hotels and buildings

What should a hotel access control software have?

Comprehensive solution for access control of hotels and buildings

How is access control software used? What are its advantages in areas such as hotels and residences? In this article, we discuss this access control solution which aims to be the backbone of the comprehensive plan for entry and exit in hotels, tourist accommodation, residences and the hospitality sector.

What is hotel access control software?

Access control software is a technological solution that simplifies the management and control of access credentials for guests and internal and external personnel. These systems, which provide operability and security, use access credentials such as MiFare proximity cards, numerical code and/or Bluetooth.

Advantages of this access control solution

What are the benefits of hotel access control software?

One of the greatest virtues that access control software must have is to simplify processes with maximum security. In addition, its management must be intuitive, accessible and rapid.

At Omnitec, we have designed our own access control software for hotels, OS ACCESS, which we consider to be one of the most innovative on the market. At the time of its conception, we took into account the main features that a system of this type needs to be the best solution for a hotel or residence.

  1. CLOUD Server

    More and more hotels are committed to migrating their services to a cloud server, which provides a number of benefits, including savings in server maintenance costs, technical staff and electricity consumption. OS ACCESS itself allows the program to be accessible (via a password, of course) from any computer with a browser.

  2. Integration with the main PMS

    Before opting for one software program or another, it is essential to check it can be integrated with the hotel management computer system (PMS) already in operation; thus providing the full functionalities of both. At Omnitec, we work to integrate our software with the main PMS, and have already done so with more than sixty. However, if your PMS is not on the list, we can study different integration options so the hotel can unify its management into a single computer system.

  3. Quick Credential Creation

    This is a highly valued service, especially in hotels with large numbers of arrivals and departures concentrated in short periods of time. Using only two pieces of information, our software lets you quickly create cards, numerical codes or digital keys for the guests (depending on the electronic locks present in the hotel).

  4. Establishing employee profiles

    On many occasions, a group of employees needs to have the same credentials. If there are 20 waiters, for example, you do not need to grant all of them access permission individually; a group can be created for them, having the same profile, so changes can be made all at once. Some users may not fit into a particular profile, such as directors or department heads, but they can have their own specific permissions without any problem.

  5. Remote management

    Connectivity vía Gateways opens up a whole world in access software: that of remote management. Thus, day-to-day hotel tasks, such as managing credentials, carrying out audits, maintenance tasks or emergency openings can be performed.

  6. Usability

    The access management software must be an intuitive platform that minimises staff learning times while making their day-to-day work easier.

For additional information about our OS ACCESS software, do not hesitate to contact the Omnitec team.