Absorption Minibar A
1,00 € (IVA 0% incluido)
The absorption minibar model A is perfect for those hotels looking for a practical and functional minibar with high level of comfort for their guests.
  • Sector: Hotels and Hospitality

The Omnitec A model absorption minibar provides the hotel with a high level of comfort with reduced power consumption. Silent and functional, this absorption minibar fits the needs of hotels of every size and category.

Minibar general characteristics

  • Technology: absorption, traditional system for hotels
  • Voltage: 220-240V (110V optional)
  • Power: 53 W
  • Energy Efficiency: D

Minibar standard features

  • Auto-defrost
  • Intelligent thermostat
  • Additional hinge for left opening
  • Low consumption interior LED
  • Adjustable trays and racks, maximum use of available space

Minibar specific project options

  • Lock on the minibar door
  • Casters
  • Fixed light door opening indicator
  • Different Colors available
  • Sliding guide
  • Glass door with bottle rack. Personalization optional. (not available in EU countries)


Volumen Dimensiones AxAxF Consumo
25 litros 443 x 400 x 390 0,70Kw/24h
30 litros 533 x 400 x 412 0,73Kw/24h
40 litros 543 x 435 x 453 0,75Kw/24h
50 litros 570 x 455 x 480 0,73Kw/24h

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