Omnitec offers a wide range of electronic lock models for the hotel and hospitality sector with access control adaptable to all types of facilities.

Electronic locks with Bluetooth opening via mobile and proximity locks all provide the security levels required in hotels and offices, both mechanically and electronically, to make guests and employees feel comfortable and safe.

Hotel Electronic Locks

The range of Omnitec electronic lock for hotels is divided into two main groups: those with Bluetooth and proximity sensors for opening with your mobile, and those with proximity opening.

Bluetooth and proximity electronic lock for hotels

The 3 Bluetooth electronic hotel lock models are managed by Omnitec's software, an administrator app and a specific app for guest openings. The Bluetooth electronic locks for hotel differ in their design and features.

  • The EVO hotel electronic lock is notable for its minimalist design. It integrates the mechanical lock and electronic components inside the door so the external reader design can be customised with any decorative style.
  • Gaudi BLEis an electronic hotel lock with a traditional escutcheon designed to be laid over the doors of hotel rooms and common areas without affecting the Bluetooth lock operation and maintaining an aesthetic elegant line.
  • The Fit-In BLE electronic lock for hotel is the Bluetooth version of the consolidated lock for Fit-In 2 renovations; an electronic lock adaptable to the existing mechanics, capable of incorporating all the features of a Bluetooth lock.
  • The CODE BLE represents the maximum in versatility and convenience in electronic locks for access control. CODE BLE is an electronic lock designed for small hotels, hotels without a 24h reception and residences and similar buildings; the opening which is by code and Bluetooth covers all access plan needs

RFID proximity electronic locks

There are 4 models in the range of RFID proximity electronic lock for hotel, managed with Omnitec's SmartPass software and wireless management control. Access permission can be by multiple formats: e.g. card, keychain or wristband, and always in open mode. Thus customers are not dependent on the manufacturer, which translates into cost savings for the hotel.

  • The Gaudi 2 hotel electronic lock incorporates all the features of an electronic proximity lock, with a sober, robust and easy to install design.
  • Keria is an electronic lock model notable for its attentive, elegant design, with rounded lines and a narrow profile, highly in demand among architects, designers and hotels.
  • Inda is a hotel and hospitality electronic lock with a minimalist design, reader, handle and independent mechanical cylinders. The floating effect of this electronic lock gives a touch of modernity to the hotel doors.
  • Fit-In 2 is the electronic lock for hotel you can adapt to your facilities. Renewing mechanical locks with a magnetic swipe or chip while maintaining the existing mechanics is simple and fast with this electronic Fin-In 2 lock.