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The products you should have in your hotel or tourist accommodation minibar

How to prepare and configure the hotel minibar to attract customers

The products you should have in your hotel or tourist accommodation minibar

In such a competitive market with clientele as demanding as the tourist, the hotel minibar can make a big difference when it comes to building customer loyalty. And the fact is, despite the passage of time, this service is still one of the most appealing to guests in this sector. Here, we discuss the products you need to be able to please your guests.

Why is a hotel minibar so important?

First of all, by law in Spain, there has to be at least 1 minibar in every 4- or 5-star hotel room. This fact explains why you always find these minibar fridges in accommodation of this quality.

However, beyond complying with the law, minibars are a sign of convenience and comfort for customers, helping to make their stay more pleasant, meaning they don’t necessarily have to leave their room to have something to eat or drink. This is especially helpful after a long trip or a long day out seeing the sights, visiting museums or on the beach.

Thus, hotel establishments, as well as other tourist and holiday accommodation, can take advantage of the possibilities offered by minibars to differentiate themselves from the competition and build up their own identity; especially by having quality products or designing original packaging for them. This is a good way to provide added value and build up a satisfied clientele.

Given the advantages, it seems clear that any hotel business, irrespective of the number of stars it may have, should seriously consider having minibars on their premises, as this will have a positive impact on its prestige and financial return in the medium and long term. Of course, you have to choose a good mini bar model, configure the minibar well and maintain it properly.

What is a good product strategy for a minibar?

The choice of products can impact on whether guests have a good or bad time and enjoy their stay or not. Below are some of types of food and drink you can include:

Drink for a hotel minibar

Here, the classic mini bottles of wine, whisky or other spirits are important, as well as other alcoholic drinks such as beer (in can and bottle format). However, there should also be space for mineral water, fruit juice and soft drinks like cola, orange and lemon.

Food for a hotel minibar

Using attractive, recyclable packaging is recommended for all minibars. Bags of snacks, nuts and sweets, are common, as well as cereal and chocolate bars. Another very interesting option is to include gourmet, healthy and organic products (light or bio type).

Original ideas

A great idea for a minibar product strategy, for both food and drink, is to include some typical local or seasonal foods from the area (for example local speciality sweets, like Spanish “turrón”, “polvorones” or marzipan at Christmas). Also, having differentiated products based on visitors with certain preferences, allergies or food intolerances adds to the quality on offer that guests will remember.

Types of minibars for hotels and tourist accommodation

When choosing the most suitable hotel minibar, factors such as noise, energy consumption, cooling capacity, aesthetics and size should be considered. Regarding the cooling method, the following types are available:

Absorption Minibar

This is the most traditional type for hotel minibars. They are completely silent and require little maintenance. The Pure Absorption Minibar is one of the most popular.

Thermoabsorption Minibar

These operate with a mixed Peltier/absorption technology. The Noble Thermoabsorption Minibar operates ecologically: CFC-free and with A+ energy efficiency.

Compressor Minibar

This system has the greatest cooling capacity and energy efficiency. Some, such as the compressor minibar Elite, can be programmed to optimise energy consumption.

Having a modern, quality minibar is a great advantage, both for customers and hotel owners. If you need help customising or in selecting the hotel minibar model best suited to your needs, please do not hesitate to contac us.