Omnitec Systems

Omnitec Systems exports to the Dominican Republic

Omnitec Systems invoices almost 70% of its production abroad.

Omnitec Systems exports to the Dominican Republic

Not long ago we participated in an event of exporting SMEs from the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza. We preside over the table together with the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic and the President of the Chamber, Manuel Teruel.

Omnitec Systems was born in 2008, but it was not until 2009 when we started exporting to the rest of the world. Today we export to more than 40 countries, including Latin American countries such as Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

Our Sales Manager for the region Andrea Zampaglione represented us in the event sharing with the assistants their exporting experiences. Andrea commented on the boom that our latest technology in the manufacture of electronic cells for hotels has been in the Dominican Republic, with data transmission and applications to open rooms with mobile phones, among other products.

Andrea Zampaglione, comments that: “The Dominican Republic, at a bureaucratic and customs level, is a country that facilitates work" The life of Omnitec System is intimately linked to the foreign sector. "From the beginning we thought of focusing commercial efforts abroad. When planning, we think of some countries that we considered more important and prioritized. This is how we selected the Dominican Republic, both for its tourism potential and for its language. The fact that there are many Spanish companies in the country makes it easy to sell from the beginning. From the first trip, in three months, we got the first order. Everything has been easy from the beginning ”.

In addition, Andrea responds that: «The Dominican Republic is a country that is close, well connected, eight hours from Madrid. It is a safe country, where you can be quiet and do not miss anything. From the first year we have not had any problems or inconveniences, quite the opposite», said Zampaglione.

Spain and the Dominican Republic

The investments of Spain in the Dominican Republic are focused on tourism, but other areas are beginning to take positions such as investment banking, insurance, capital goods, and soon renewable energies. With such volume of investment, Spain is in the third position of investments in the island.

Approximately 250 Spanish firms are present in the Dominican economy. "There is a very positive atmosphere for investment, with very clear rules of the game and that are respected," he commented in the debate on the exporting event.