Omnitec Anniversary

Omnitec Systems celebrates 15 years as an international benchmark for electronic locks

Overcoming crises and challenging norms: 15 years of innovation and success from Omnitec

Omnitec Systems celebrates 15 years as an international benchmark for electronic locks

It’s not every day a company turns 15. In fact, to get there you need a few ingredients: a qualified, professional team, high quality products, a pinch of constant innovation and, above all, exceptional customer service. And it seems that, at Omnitec Systems, we have followed this recipe to the letter, because 15 years have now passed since we started our project.

It all started in 2008, the year of the dreaded economic crisis. Luckily, the situation did not stop the expansion of our company, which has always been in constant evolution. Our speciality is the same now as then: electronic locks, safes and minibars; 3 products where we know how to make a difference.

From a traditional chip to smart electronic locks

We started Omnitec with about 7 staff on the books and 4 partners, manufacturing very simple models that worked with a chip. “This system, similar to the one incorporated in credit cards, proved problematic, due to wear and tear. That is why our first evolution was towards the magnetic strip and, later, to proximity cards,” explains our Marketing Manager, Daniel Zaldívar.

Little by little we grew and expanded throughout the international market, from Eastern Europe through North Africa, to Latin America and even Arabia. When we established the Mexican division in 2017 - the point from which we serve all of America - both commercially and logistically, this was a turning point for our company.

So what do we do now? Today, we have advanced to systems that work via Bluetooth and online as well as offering new products, such as presence and access controls. In the beginning, we had to adapt to the evolution of the sector; however, today we are developing faster than the market itself.

Omnitec Showroom

Online connections have many advantages, and have made it possible, for example, to control and programme an entire hotel from any mobile device with “just a simple click”. We have adapted to smart buildings, proving to be a leading company at a technological level. In addition, our latest lock models are noted for their aesthetics, are customisable and increasingly elegant.

The pandemic: goodbye to physical hotel keys

As it was for many businesses, the pandemic was a turning point for Omnitec - in our case, for the better. Covid dispensed with physical keys and made wireless technology and the use of cards fashionable. Many hotels got rid of their 24-hour reception, while holiday apartments began to simplify their management.

Thanks to the promotion of our products, increasingly demanded by the hospitality sector, we continue to grow and in 2020 we even moved location: tripling the size of our offices and warehouse, unifying them at the same location in the Empresarium business park.

Now, we have a staff of 26 professionals in Spain and 18 in the Mexican division. In addition, we have logistics support collaborators in other countries around the world, mainly in China.

Omnitec products in more than 70 countries

Omnitec Systems safes are distributed in hotels around the world, in more than 70 different countries. While, outside of Spain, there are more than 12,000 hotels using our brand of locks.

Omnitec products in more than 70 countries

As one of our latest milestones, we must mention Orbi City, a hotel complex located in Georgia and still under construction. It is estimated to become the largest in the world and will have 10,000 Omnitec electronic locks, spread across 3 apartment buildings. With this project, as Zaldívar stated, “We have come of age”.

Our long-term goal is something which has eluded us until now: to expand into the Asian market.

What are the keys to Omnitec's success?

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, our success would not have been possible if we did not offer the best service to our customers. There is little point in manufacturing a high-quality product if it is not accompanied by this undertaking.

And if we have the ability to guarantee good and fast service, it is because we are a small company, with little bureaucracy and a very horizontal structure. The Omnitec team is always at your disposal to resolve any small unforeseen events; this, without a doubt, is what our customers value most.

To celebrate our anniversary, we held an Omnitec team building activity, with a cocktail dinner in Aura last September, attended by all the company's workers and their families.

Aniversario Omnitec en Aura

If you have come this far, we can only thank you for these 15 years of success, and hope you continue supporting us to achieve many more. Why not contact us now?