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Ohasis Boutique Suites: a paradise in Tenerife with electronic locks

Discover this apartment complex in Tenerife that has integrated Omnitec technology.

Ohasis Boutique Suites: a paradise in Tenerife with electronic locks

Ohasis Boutique Suites is an exceptional apartment complex located in the traditional fishing village of Los Cristianos, in the south of the island of Tenerife. Currently, it has 96 apartments equipped with electronic hotel locks.

It is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the sun, with your partner, with friends or the family. The complex has a swimming pool with a snack bar, a cocktail bar in the reception area and a restaurant offering buffet breakfast. One of the most charming areas of Ohasis Boutique Suite is the chill-out terrace, where you can enjoy views of the sea and the beautiful sunsets south of the island.

Ohasis Boutique Suites

Electronic locks were installed in their most recent renovation

The complex was renovated in 2019 and GAUDI electronic locks were installed; this device integrates all the security features in a single reliable and effective system. As stated by the holiday complex director, María Jesús Padilla Hernández, they opted for Omnitec "because of their professional experience and renowned track record."

Using a digital key makes routine daily activities so much easier. The customer has a card that can be carried at all times in a wallet, like a credit card, and opening is quick and easy. Also, if the card is lost, it can be cancelled quickly and safely. Our staff also find the card easier when opening doors.

Digital keys adding value: modernity and security

The manager has no doubts about whether customers prefer having digital keys, “They see it as an advantage as well as providing an image of modernity and security”. In addition, she emphasises that its Contactless nature is perceived as safer in these times of pandemic.

At the moment, electronic locks are installed in their apartments, but the plan is to implement them for other entrances as well, as they provide "an advantage in our daily work”.

The apartments also have Safeguard M-Plus hotel safes, which offer the balance between security, performance and convenience demanded most by guests.

As with the electronic locks, this has also been a very good collaboration, as the safes work well for the needs of our customers.