Technological trends

New technological trends in hotels for 2021

We detail you the main trends in hotel equipment in 2021

New technological trends in hotels for 2021

The pace of technological change is unstoppable in all areas of society, improving our lifestyle and modifying consumption habits. And of course, this also affects one of the most important sectors in the Spanish economy: tourism. In this post, we review some of the most prominent technological trends in hotels for 2021.

  1. Digital keys

    In these times of coronavirus, it is best to minimise social interaction as much as possible. This makes the incorporation of contactless technology more of a necessity for online check-in and autonomous access to hotel rooms, using digital keys from a smartphone app.

    For this, hotel rooms must have electronic locks installed. Guests will then be able to enter their rooms conveniently with their mobile phones via bluetooth or, if they prefer, by typing a personalised numeric password previously sent by email. This same technology can also be applied for entry into common areas using presence and ccess control systems.

  2. Management software

    Computer programs specialising in the management of hotels and tourist accommodation can centralise the day-to-day organisation of their establishments, and control fundamental aspects of their daily operation and service for guests from anywhere.

    These software systems operate via a smartphone app and a network of Gateways, facilitating the remote management of guest demands in real time, as well as the opening of rooms and common areas from the central computer location, providing streamlined and efficient room service.

  3. Home automation

    Taking care of energy savings in buildings is one of the key points in optimising financial results at the end of the year. Home automation systems make this possible by automating energy management through convenient, practical devices, such as energy savers that work with MiFare proximity cards or motion, door and window sensors, which limit electricity use to strictly necessary periods.

  4. DND systems

    Do Not Disturb (DND) systems allow customers to communicate their preferences to hotel employees conveniently and without having to leave their room. They only have to signal on the panel inside their room if they want cleaning staff to enter their room or not. This decision is then clearly displayed on a screen located outside in the corresponding corridor.

  5. Bluetooth hotel safes

    Because tourists often carry important items such as passports, airline tickets and valuables such as laptops and jewellery, having electronic safes with bluetooth opening installed in hotel rooms provides extra security that customers will value positively when recommending the establishment.

  6. High quality Wi-Fi

    Although a lot of tourist accommodation has had Internet services available for years, unfortunately, the connection quality has often been inconsistent, despite it being one of the services demanded most by guests. Therefore, adapting the network to ensure it is available in all rooms is essential for making a difference and for consolidation in the market in 2021.

In a market as competitive and demanding as tourism is, technological innovation is essential to retaining customers and promoting our brand. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to help you modernise the facilities in your establishment.