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How to Manage your Holiday Rental Home Remotely

Do you already know the system to manage your holiday home remotely? That's how it works

How to Manage your Holiday Rental Home Remotely

The holiday home market has experienced a boom with the arrival of platforms that make booking online easier. This trend towards digitisation is continuing to build bridges in the world of tourism; another clear example is remote access management.

This system, also known as Rent&Pass, gives a guest access to the property without the owner having to be there in person to hand over the keys.

This has been a significant boon for the owners - who are not always free to travel to their holiday home - and for guests, who can enter as soon as they arrive at the holiday home, without having to wait. In this post we talk about remote management of holiday homes and all its advantages.

What is the Rent & Pass system?

As its name suggests, this system gives access to a rented holiday home during a contracted period. The owner can manage all access safely and remotely, without the need for physical keys, as it is operated with an electronic key. What does this mean? Authorised persons can enter in several ways::

  • Bluetooth: guests receive an electronic key on their mobile phone. Then, with the corresponding permissions on the app and thanks to Bluetooth technology, they can access the premises during their stay.
  • Numerical code: a traditional and equally secure way. The owner sends the guest the codes to enter the holiday home, valid for the period of their reservation.

Remotely managing holiday homes not only means the owner does not have to travel there at the time to let guests in, but it is also possible to control which areas they have access to and which they do not. For example, if a number of homes can be accessed through a portal, different guests may have permissions to open that portal and then access only their own home. And of course, the administrator can delete the keys and codes at any time.

Advantages of remotely managing a holiday rental home

In addition to those mentioned, there are other advantages to controlling a holiday home remotely:

  • Choice of opening method: our solutions for holiday homes allow different forms of access, which are normally via code and Bluetooth with a smartphone. Depending on the type of guests staying at your accommodation, you can provide one or the other, or both. Alternatively, if you prefer to continue using traditional keys, you can use an security electronic key box, to open a small box where the guest will find the physical keys.
  • Permissions: the administrator controls permissions. For example, he can give them to a housekeeping service when the guest has left the accommodation.
  • Real-time management: online management allows deleting, blocking or giving access at any time and from anywhere.
  • Audit Trail available: if there is a problem, the access record can be consulted for each lock and each user.
  • Access code management: a code with customised properties can be deleted at any time.
  • Alerts: the owner can receive security and protection alerts in real time, for maximum control.

Remote management: step by step

Using this remote management system in holiday homes is very easy, both for guests and those responsible for the accommodation. This is how it works:

  1. Before the stay: After confirming the reservation, the electronic key for opening – or access code for a numeric keypad - is generated and sent to the guest by mobile phone.
  2. During the stay: While the guests are there, the accommodation manager can cancel the keys or codes, as well as have access to the opening audit trail recorded.
  3. End of stay: At the end of the stay, access permission is cancelled.

Would you like to find out more about the different solutions for remote management of holiday homes and cottages? Contact our team to discover all the options available.