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Keyless solutions: one more factor contributing to the boom in tourist accommodation

The 'keyless' solution that revolutionises tourist accommodation access

Keyless solutions: one more factor contributing to the boom in tourist accommodation

Tourist accommodation is gradually returning to normal following the pandemic and hotels, apartments, holiday lets and hostels are increasingly hanging the ‘no vacancies’ sign during holiday periods. Specifically, the accommodation rental modality returned during the pandemic, and in the summer of 2021 the occupancy of holiday flats exceeded 89%, improving upon the figures for 2019.

As with other sectors, the emergence of COVID-19 brought with it a spectacular boom in the digitalisation of the tourism sector. In a scenario where customers are increasingly connected - in fact, there is talk now of the "technological traveller" - so-called 'keyless' solutions open up a horizon of possibilities for remote management technology, including the lack of a need for the owner and guest to meet each other to hand over the traditional keys.

This is how remote access control works in tourist accommodation

At Omnitec, we have spent years implementing this lock and access control system in holiday homes in all types of tourist accommodation, such as apartments and holiday house let networks. This is how the Rent&Pass system works!

  1. Reservation confirmation

    When a reservation is confirmed, the system digitally produces and sends guests their electronic key (accessed via their mobile) and/or the electronic lock numerical code (to enter it on a keypad upon arrival).

  2. Stay

    During the entire stay, guests use their mobile phone or the entry code to gain access. The accommodation owner, meanwhile, can cancel or create new accesses and consult the entry report.

  3. End of stay

    Once the stay ends, the code or the electronic key will no longer work. Now the owner can provide new access for cleaning, laundry or maintenance staff, for example.

What are the advantages of 'keyless' management?

Increased security

Although the term “keyless” is used, remote management uses a new form of access, also known as a digital key. One of the main advantages of this system over the traditional one is security; for example, there is, no risk of keys being copied; audits can be carried out; and permission can be cancelled if a device is lost; as well as many other functions.


This solution was very well received in the context of the pandemic and its impact on tourism, as a 'contactless' technology method of accommodation access that minimises interactions.

Numerous access possibilities

The owner has different possibilities to provide access to guests: from a simple numerical code to activating an electronic key in an app.

No need for the owner and guest to meet

This is one of the advantages most valued by both owners and tenants. On many occasions, it is very difficult to meet when the customer arrives; for example, if it occurs in the middle of the night. Similarly, it is a great advantage for owners of several rural properties and for apartment managers who find it difficult to balance their schedules and be present at the exact time of arrival.

Of course, remote management is an option that is used in hotels. The technology is often installed in hotels without a 24-hour reception, so guests can access their rooms whenever they like.

Absolute access control

These are the main advantages of digital access management:

  • Real-time management : for example, when guests cancel their stay ahead of time, their access can be deleted remotely without having to turn up at the accommodation centre.
  • Audits : entries are recorded, so it is possible to know which user has entered and at what time. This could be very important if there is a security problem.
  • Access codes : the administrator can create different accesses with personalised properties that can be deleted at any time.
  • Alerts: alerts can be activated to receive information remotely of any incident occurring.

At Omnitec, we are specialists in the implementation of this 'keyless' modality for both holiday homes and hotels. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information about this solution.