Integration with PMS

Integration of Omnitec software with the ICNEA PMS Channel Manager

Discover the advantages of having an access management system integrated with a PMS like that of ICNEA.

Integration of Omnitec software with the ICNEA PMS Channel Manager

There are more and more PMSs, apps and GRMSs (Guest Room Management Systems) on the market with which Omnitec collaborates to integrate both systems and make the daily tasks in the hotel quicker and simpler.

The most important thing for the hotel when working with integrated systems from different manufacturers is the simplification and greater speed of reception management processes.

The integration of electronic lock management software with a PMS channel manager, such as ICNEA’s, allows the rooms to be managed in the same cycle in a highly integrated, automatic manner. First, the reservation is entered, either through the website booking engine itself or the sales portals (e.g. Booking, Kayak or e-Dreams). The reservation enters the ICNEA system and the availability of the other channels for those reservation dates is automatically closed. Finally, the reservation is confirmed in the PMS and, in a single step, the electronic key, access code and/or QR code are created; then the card can be picked up at a kiosk.

In smaller hotels without a 24-hour reception, the integration of systems from different providers is more important. The owner can manage the hotel remotely and help with guest access, without actually meeting them. The electronic locks opened via Bluetooth with an app or a numerical code keyboard give the hotel a high level of autonomy when there is no reception by using an online check-in process.

In addition to managing guests, another important advantage is the management of routine, daily tasks carried out by internal and external staff: e.g. cleaning, maintenance and professional services. ICNEA offers a web app for planning and managing tasks which are sent by smartphone to each professional, who has keys provided by the Omnitec app to access the rooms and carry out their duties.

For any hotel, equipping itself with technologically advanced tools to speed up and simplify its management fulfils an organisational need. However, at the same time, the need to adapt to the demands of the sector is increasing every day, at a time when both business travellers and tourists are seeking experiences that provide a differential value, based on technology and contactless processes.

The updated list of Omnitec software integrations with PMSs, apps and GRMSs is available in the software section.