Operation of hotel safes

How does a hotel room safe work?

We discover the operation of this popular hotel equipment

How does a hotel room safe work?

The operation of a hotel safe must fulfil its main function of safeguarding the guest's personal effects. The mode of use depends on the type of safe, which can be currently divided into either mechanical or electronic. In this article, we cover how hotel safes work and focus on some important points to ensure the peace of mind that guests deserve.

What types of safes are there in hotels?

Most hotels with high standards that have safes tend to opt for the most modern, versatile and secure version: i.e. electronic safes. They are opened, not by means of a traditional key, but by a mobile phone, using a numerical code, proximity card or Bluetooth technology.

Operation of electronic hotel safes

For this type of hotel safe, guests have to remember a selected password (a numerical code, usually ranging from 3 to 8 digits), have their card or use a Bluetooth system via a mobile app.


  • Numerical code: Most hotel safes have this opening system, where a keyboard appears on the front of the safe, where users can configure and save their password. Depending on the model, the user usually chooses a code ranging from 3 to 8 digits.
  • Card: Cards with RFID technology that open the safe when brought close to it.
  • Bluetooth technology: Management through a mobile app, where the administrator can configure different types of Bluetooth codes and credentials for the same safe: temporary, single use, permanent or cyclical.

Emergency system

So what happens if the guest forgets or loses their access mode? Electronic safe models incorporate two emergency opening methods; generally, these are:

  • Master Code
  • Physical Key


Once the safe has been used, it is usually closed by a motorised mechanism or manually using a solenoid valve (for models that have a knob).

Electronic safe options for hotels

At OMNITEC SYSTEMS, we have more than 25 years of experience providing hotels around the world with this type of solution. We offer 3 formats (front door, sliding front and top opening) and up to 7 sizes (from standard to those designed for electronic devices such as laptops or tablets).

Here you can find out about all of our hotel room safe options.

Operation of lockable safes

There are hotels that still use the classic lockable safes, which usually work with a latch and key lock. Another type of mechanism uses a knob, which moves a kind of disc to dial the correct combination; this system is not so widespread.

What should be considered for a hotel safe?

Currently, electronic safes are the most common type for hotels that want to introduce or renew such a system. At OMNITEC, we try to prioritise three main features in our models:

  • Versatility: In addition to technology, the size and format can also be chosen, so that the models can be easily adjusted to the type of space required.
  • Security: The use of proven quality materials, such as carbon steel, is essential for guaranteeing the security and tranquillity your guests deserve. In addition to security, we offer safes that provide an opening and closing history for audit purposes.
  • Customised Finishes: Finally, we have a number of accessories to configure the safe so it integrates well within the hotel.