Exportation of Technology for Hotels

The R & D department Innovation is a fundamental part of the Omnitec Systems gearbox


Omnitec Systems is a company with Spanish capital, Aragonese; dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of safes, electronic locks and minibars for the hotel industry.

All hotels, regardless of their category, can purchase our products for the safety and comfort of the guests.

The R & D department Innovation is a fundamental part of Omnitec Systems gear, without this area and all the specialization and knowledge of our workers, the company could not work.

Once the first prototypes have been drawn and programmed, we commission the manufacturing to the different partners. Among them, those who treat electronic technology, and others, those who produce the mechanical elements.

All the technological quality work that Omnitec has been doing has been rewarded with the ISO 9001 certification in the three main lines of products, Minibars, Electronic Locks, and Safes.

Thanks to our participative strategy in the main Trade Fairs of the Hotel sector, National and International, we have been able to observe and capture the new requirements, market trends, and new ideas that our distributors and clients make us reach.

The International Hotel Market is very homogeneous in terms of regulations and that greatly facilitates the export activity.

Omnitec currently exports to some 40 countries in the world. We mainly have two large logistics centers, one oriented to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and the other in China, for the Asian and Latin American markets.