Electronic locks with recyclable packaging

At Omnitec Systems we continue taking care of the environment

Electronic locks with recyclable packaging

At Omnitec we continue to bet firmly on the reduction of the impact that our activity may generate on the environment. For this purpose, we have developed a 100% recyclable packaging, composed exclusively of cardboard, for the new range of SmartPass hotel electronic locks.

During the design and development phase of the range of electronic locks for SmartPass hotel, one of the fundamental aspects raised was the correct waste management when executing an installation.

Based on this premise, from the first moment, the use of synthetic materials used in packaging such as polyurethanes, preformed plastics, foams, etc. was discarded. In short, all materials that are difficult to recycle were discarded.

Another fundamental aspect to consider was to provide the hotel with the task of managing this waste and minimize the economic cost that it could entail. In many of the countries to which Omnitec export our electronic hotel locks, recycling is a very serious issue and the per kg charges to be paid at the clean point vary greatly depending on the type of material.

Using a recyclable packaging whose waste management involves a minimum cost, guarantees the hotel that its acquisition costs are not distorted by costs incurred during the adaptation and commissioning of its facilities.

At Omnitec we are very satisfied offering this value proposition, which has nothing to do with the technology of electronic locks, but which has been very well received both by our distributors and by the hotels that have already installed SmartPass electronic locks.

From Omni-blog we can only congratulate our R & D team and encourage them to continue innovating and implementing improvements so that comfort transcends beyond the rooms in the hotels that are equipped with Omnitec.