How to install a hotel minibar? Recommendations for your minibar to perform in the best conditions. Omnitec advises you about minibars

Our minibars will reach their maximum performance, minimum consumption and longest life span working under appropriate conditions of heat diffusion.

Following the directions shown below will allow the minibar to operate at it optimal performance level and therefore yield the highest return on investment.

Environmental Conditions

The ambient room temperature is crucial for the proper functioning of the minibars. A high ambient temperature reduces the airflow around the minibar and its ability to dissipate heat, this will influence the performance of minibars considerably due to the lack of ventilation.

Minibar Installation 1

Minibar Ventilation System

The basic concept is to allow air to circulate around the minibar to evacuate the heat generated by the cooling system.

On all Omnitec Minibars, the cooling system is located at the rear of the unit. For optimal performance there should be an intake at the front base of the minibars, and an outlet at the top of the backside o allow cool air to flow under the minibars, along the back, evacuating hot air at the top.

Minibar Installation 2

In Omnitec we offer you our extensive experience to assist you in planning your installation and get the most out of our mini-bars. Following our indications your guests will enjoy maximum comfort.