Electronic Hotel Lock SYN

Mobile opening

OMNITEC combines design, technology and innovation to present the most advanced and revolutionary electronic hotel lock with mobile opening and management on the market, which incorporates the innovative ACTIVA access control system, providing additional security and control unprecedented in hotels.

Electronic Hotel Lock with Smartphone - SYN


Its minimalist and customizable design and management via APP / Wireless, make SYN an electronic hotel lock with mobile opening with unprecedented features

  • Innovative, incorporating the most advanced technology at the service of hotels and their needs, including mobile opening & management.
  • Minimalist thanks to its innovative design. Totally customizable, allows the possibility of choice of any latch to adapt it to the decorating style of each hotel.
  • Revolutionary, with mechanisms, electronics and battery located inside the door, facilitating installation and providing the electronic hotel lock with maximum security in hotel room and absolute resistance in adverse environmental and climatic conditions.
  • Maximum security thanks to functions such as auto-ejection of latch, electronic privacy parametrisable by the hotel, automatic and controlled deleting and cancellation of cards in event of their loss, patrol control function, masterkeyable mechanical lock, etc.  256 bit encryption and a secure management of the installation by  server and software that allows configuration of security levels and totally parametrisable use for users and employees, including functions of revalidation of online accesses.
  • Non-volatile memory with capacity to register up to 5000 events that can include openings, attempts to open, exits, etc.


Maximum performance and efficiency for hotels, guests and employees

The most secure wireless technology in the world, which, thanks to the Omnitec APPs, will take the hotel to a new dimension and where control units, cables and connectors exposed to tampering by third parties can be forgotten.

NFC (near field communication)

OMNITEC has been the first manufacturer worldwide to offer a real NFC electronic hotel lock experience; it is the only totally secure technology that smartphones can incorporate.

Employees and customers can directly obtain on their Smartphone credentials for access, revocation of permissions, etc., taking hotel security to limits that were, until now, unattainable.

BLE (bluethooth low energy)

As an alternative for all those guests who do not have NFC on their Smartphone, ACTIVA also allows the SYN electronic hotel lock to be openend via BLE.

BLE provides security, simplicity and very low consumption, and is additional interconnectivity for the Activa system.

WIRELESS  (IEEE 802.15.4 – 2,4 Ghz)

An internal wireless network in the hotel, secure and inaccessible to third parties, among other options, allows real-time monitoring of entries, checking of the battery status and management of the permissions held by the different users.

Incorporates IEEE 802.15.4 – 2.4 GHz wireless technology for wireless online functionalities and OTA (Over The Air) updating of the product.


The ACTIVA management system and the SYN electronic hotel lock have two functional APPs which make it possible to obtain maximum performance from the installation, both for the hotel and for the guest.  These two APPs differ, depending on the user: for the guest, the ACTIVA KEY APP is available, and for the hotel and its employees, the ACTIVA TASKS APP.

APP ACTIVA KEYelectronic lock APP

Used by guests with their own Smartphone, the ACTIVA KEY App allows automatic check-in and direct access to the room after confirming the availability of their access credentials on their Smartphone.

ACTIVA KEY APP lets the guests open the SYN electronic hotel lock by NFC (Activa Key NFC) and by Bluetooth (ACTIVA KEY BLE), availables in APP Stores IOS and Android.

Confirmation of Booking > Auto Check-in > Access Credentials > Access to the room


The ACTIVA TASKS App has been developed to be used by both internal and external hotel personnel.  Common operations such as the initialization of electronic hotel locks, audit trail reports, battery status check, changes of access plan, emergency openings, etc. are possible by simply moving the NFC smartphone or tablet near the SYN lock.

Another innovative aspect is the management of access permissions associated with specific tasks.  These tasks are received on the employee’s Smartphone and, once the task is finalized, the access credentials of said task expire and the system reports the task as finalized.

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