Get to know our company

We are responsible for one of the most important pillars of a hotel: the security of its guests.  Thanks to our safes and electronic locks with optimized state-of-the-art technology, hotels provide their customers with absolute peace of mind, and therefore, a more pleasant stay.


OMNITEC SYSTEMS has accumulated an experience of more than 25 years developing, manufacturing and commercializing Electronic Locks, Safes and Minibars. Today, Omnitec is one of the most recognized brands in the HOSPITALITY sector, with a guarantee of quality and service on the 5 continents.

A highly specialized team in all areas and a totally market-oriented focus have made it possible for OMNITEC SYSTEMS to develop solutions for security and comfort. By connecting this team with the logistics centres in Europe, America and Asia, today we are able to be present in more than 10,000 hotels around the world, including the most prestigious international hotel chains.

Leaps in quality and specialization do not occur by chance. Recent investments in R+D, guaranteed by our knowledge of the market, have led to OMNITEC SYSTEMS being at the forefront of the sector today.

At Omnitec Systems, we like to be:

  • Efficient: In our work, we like to take meticulous care of every detail in the processes, doing more with less.  Success is achieved when quality is present.
  • Attentive: Readiness to help and to give solutions to others has always been our strength, starting our work on time and doing things well.
  • Consistent: To reach a goal you need to persevere. If you strive and dedicate time and effort every day this makes the difference.
  • Optimistic: We have a pleasant and cordial work environment.  We work with dynamism and creativity.

Our Product Range

The following is a random sampling of some Omnitec Systems products