The smart cabinet with RFID identification technology offers a solution to protect and monitor keys and other guarded objects.
Due to their design and operation, they can operate in self-service mode permanently 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Armarios RFID

Safety and Control

The security for restricted access to important items such as keys or documentation is guaranteed with adequate authorisation, while RFID cabinets are responsible for the rest. Prior access accreditation offers traceability and recording of the movements of each object.

Smart cabinet with RFID identification technology

Smart cabinets are able to manage the entry and exit of each key due to specific software. The administrator authorises the users and grants access permission for the keys, as well as establishing a time period for this access to be enabled.

Armarios RFID

Cabinets with intelligent safekeeping and management system

Assets of value restricted to specific staff for handling or possession can also be stored, not only keys.

Managing the identification and control of keys, deposits and employees is possible remotely. This operation provides an analysis of the stored data and makes a security decision based on the data obtained at any time.

RFID cabinets are adaptable for multiple locations: in banks, public institutions and offices, universities, museums, for management of rental fleets, companies with fleet of vehicles and all kinds of places where access control is an integral part of security.