Presence Control
The EVO presence control multifunction terminal establishes new standards in recording times and attendance, data collection and access control. Its design provides a variety of options and customised keyboard finishes to provide a unified, corporate appearance.

The use of EVO presence controls in corporate and work environments increases the level of efficiency in HR as employees can directly verify personal information such as holidays or overtime.

The EVO terminal is based on an integrated system, equipped with the latest technology for fast data transmission and accurate recording in time management software. Its data management system allows real-time recording, calculations and other types of analysis.

The quality of data recorded in the system is guaranteed with a minimum time from when they originate until they are stored and are available to the person in charge.

EVO can be integrated into any IT solution through the configuration of the device and the available communication tools.

The time and movement of each user is recorded and EVO provides access for up to 8 doors.