How to select a Hotel Minibar

Post to help in the selection of a Hotel Minibar

How to select a Hotel Minibar

We write this post to help in the selection of a Hotel Minibar, which seems easy, and it is. But what should we know?

What do hoteliers and restaurateurs value most in a wine cellar or minibar?

As with most products, the quality / price ratio is a fundamental aspect in the valuation of a product of these characteristics. In addition, low consumption, cooling capacity and reliability are also highly valued aspects.

What is the first thing that should be considered when purchasing a product of this type?

At this time, given the new European regulations in relation to hotel minibars, it is essential that the buyer is clear that the minibars must comply with the regulations and be certified with an energy efficiency of at least type "C".
Once this has been taken into account, in the case of hotel minibars it is recommended that we think about customer comfort and choose minibars that do not make noise, so absorption systems are recommended, since when not cooled with a compressor , they are quieter.

How should the minibar be, cupboard type bodega?

In addition to complying with the corresponding regulations, having a low consumption and high energy efficiency, the minibar must have the minimum capacity required by the hotel, without oversizing it since the higher the internal volume of the minibar, the greater its energy consumption.

Are the hoteliers / restaurateurs sufficiently aware of the use of an efficient and sustainable wine cellar or cabinet?

Yes, there is no doubt. The cost of energy is a very important aspect in the income statement of a hotel so efficiency is crucial when choosing a minibar.

What are the latest trends in this type of product?

Omnitec Systems, as a manufacturer, and in general all those that manufacture and market minibars, we are focusing on improving the energy efficiency of the equipment as it is a fundamental aspect. To this must be added the improvements in design and the use of materials that respect the environment.

What are the most used materials, aesthetics and colors?

Normally the hotel minibars are located inside a cupboard specially designed to house the minibar, so the design is not appreciable at first. But there are very attractive solutions like glass doors, or designs on the glass like the Hotel Brand. Aluminum stands out as a light material and a good conductor of temperature, for example in trays.

Which category of establishments demand more these products?

The hotel classification requirements, according to Decree 159/2012, warns that 5 and 4 star hotels have a minibar at least per room. However, hotels with fewer stars and country houses also use minibars for their clients, which is why it is common, and a step more in excellence and customer comfort.

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