Wall Reader TCP/IP Network

Wall reader access control operated by code, by Mifare card or combining them.

Independent operation mode or TCP-IP on network.


The wall reader TCP-IP access control combines the functions of operation by numerical code and by Mifare proximity card.  The combination of keypad and card reader allows different modes of use: card only, card or password, card and password, password only.

This wall reader manages the automatic change of the working mode.

The customer can define up to 15 different work timetables, with different work days, including vacation periods and up to 5 time slots each day.

TCP-IP standalone access control has the function of automatic timetable deactivation, designed for places without traffic in a time range during the day.

Added security function with the creation of master cards that are valid until a pre-established date.

Alarm systems incorporated:

  • Open door detection
  • Sabotage of the mortise
  • Broken door
  • Impacts to/forcing of  the device

Output management of 2 relays and input management of output button and door status sensor.

Allows connection of Wiegand input reader


Chekc also the TCP/IP Reinforced Anti-Vandalism model.

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