Based on recent investments in R+D, OMNITEC has developed the innovative ACTIVA Access Control System , which provides additional security and control unprecedented in hotels, using the most innovative systems of communication and identification.



Maximum performance and efficiency for hotels, guests and employees

The most secure wireless technology in the world, which, thanks to the OMNITEC APPs, will take the hotel to a new dimension and where control units, cables and connectors exposed to tampering by third parties can be forgotten.

The ACTIVA management system and the SYN electronic lock have two functional APPs which make it possible to obtain maximum performance from the installation, both for the hotel and for the guest.  These two APPs differ, depending on the user: for the guest, the ACTIVA KEY APP is available, and for the hotel and its employees, the ACTIVA TASKS APP.


Software features

  • Multi-user license valid for use under a Windows environment.
  • Secure MySQL data base, notably increasing security and speeding up remote secure access to it for technical assistance. Optional installation on Omnitec Server.
  • 100% compatible with any PMS in the market (Opera, Prestige, etc.)
  • Single identifier per installation or group of installations, limiting the use of cards that are not coded by the authorized teams.
  • Different levels of access for the different users of the system.
  • Management and control of access by guests and employees.
  • BACKUP System in order to issue new credentials for new guests in case of computer problems.
  • HOSTEL Option, for shared use of rooms by different guests, with independent check-in and check-out dates.
  • MOTEL Option, limiting the use of the lock by hours.
  • Direct access to the on-line assistance website.
  • REVALIDATOR: Our system is capable of managing credentials by the hour or day/s. After the indicated period, it is necessary to revalidate their permissions with the OMNITEC Revalidator in order for the card to continue to be operational. The device can be installed in a door or controlled passage by which, at the same time it revalidates the permissions, it grants access to the user, speeding up and securing the process and the security of the hotel to the utmost.

Brochure ACTIVA SYSTEM English